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Meet George Gilder And His Team, Part 2: The Team

February 2, 2023

Join us in welcoming George Gilder to the Eagle Financial family! In this video, you will be introduced to the team that supports George Gilder, his through process, and decision making.

George is the most knowledgeable man in America when it comes to the future of technology and its impact on our lives. He accurately tipped off President Ronald Reagan to the rise of the microchip, saying that it would change the world. Gilder then went on to become Reagan’s most quoted living author and he received the White House Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence in 1986 from Reagan himself. Gilder also predicted the iPhone 13 years before its release, and he forecasted the death of cable TV, the rise of Netflix, more than a decade before it existed. Rush Limbaugh called Gilder “a true American genius.” And Forbes called him a technology “prophet.” He’s an established investor, writer, and economist with an uncanny ability to foresee how new breakthroughs will play out years in advance. In fact, during America’s last big tech boom of the late-1990s, Gilder was widely considered one of the best stock pickers in the world. Now Gilder is leading his research team to publish several products with Eagle Financial Publications. As our resident technology futurist, George is brining his technology predictions to an entirely new group of readers and investors.

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