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Gilder’s Moonshots is an advisory service designed specifically to take advantage of the sky-high profit potential in brand new tech companies – the micro-caps, small-caps and even Pre-IPO opportunities that seem to be everywhere today.

But that’s the thing… there are so many ideas for new tech out there, it’s impossible to tell the good from the bad.

Not for the Moonshots team. Between them, they have more than 100 years’ experience in ferreting out the best, money-making new technology opportunities today.

They do so, thanks in part, to their 5-part, proprietary classification system. Each created to define the stage at which a new tech company sits.

The Six Moonshot Classifications


Emerging technology companies that are at a very early stage of commercialization but have disruptive products that indicate tremendous potential to generate outsized investment returns in the future.

Liftoff companies are designated by a 1% portfolio weight due to the risk inherent in this type of company.


These are companies with breakthrough technologies about which we have a strong conviction, considering their short history and small size. These are companies we don’t want to miss, but we don’t want to top off the fuel tanks either just in case they crash and burn.

Test Flight companies should represent no more than 0.5% portfolio weight in an investor’s total equity portfolio.


Technology companies that are gaining traction in their respective market segments through increased product/service adoption, have strong competitive positioning and management teams, and are growing at a relatively fast pace.

Escape Velocity companies are designated by a 2% portfolio weight to reflect the degree of risk associated with these types of companies.


When a company is deemed to reach orbit, it is maturing, stabilizing, staying in its lane, making incremental improvements to its projects, perhaps positioning itself for a new trajectory as technology and market conditions converge. Such companies are designated by a 3% portfolio weight.


These are proven technology companies that have reached orbit but have encountered operational difficulties and may even be at risk of falling out of orbit. In any case, these are companies that have very recently undergone, or in need of a turnaround and/or pivot. Often, a turnaround/pivot is accomplished through executive management changes (e.g. appointment of a new CEO).

A successful course correction can dramatically boost a company’s valuation. Course Correction companies are designated by a 4% portfolio weight, signifying large potential upside.


A company designated as being Deep Space is growing rapidly via increasing market demand, acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and other value creating initiatives.

Such companies are executing at a high level in the marketplace and are deserving of the highest position weight (5%) in our rating system.

With this system, you’ll know where each opportunity sits, and exactly how much to invest in it.

That’s the beauty and simplicity of Gilder’s Moonshots.

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