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For the last 40 plus years, George Gilder has been recognized as a leading voice in high technology investing.

Each month, his flagship newsletter, Gilder’s Technology Report, reveals the evolving paradigms in technology and provides a roadmap to the best investments available. Following his lead, George’s investors have been first into iPhones, and first into Netflix, just to name a few of his huge recommendations.

George has been the leading voice in tech investing for a generation, and he’s not slowing down now.

With the speed the world’s technology is changing at today, you need an experienced hand at the wheel, telling you exactly what to do. And that’s exactly what you’ll find each month in Gilder’s Technology Report.

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 12 Monthly Issues of Gilder’s Technology Report

Every month, you’ll get a complete write-up directly from George explaining the current technology and market situations – and how they affect our recommended portfolios. This is also where you’ll find out where George is looking next, and where he reveals his new portfolio recommendations.

 Weekly Hotlines: 

Each week, you’ll get George’s in-depth analysis and important updates on technology and the markets, as well as any changes to our model portfolios. With these Hotline updates, you’ll never be in the dark about your investments.

 Urgent Market Alerts: 

When the market demands fast action, George sends out these time-sensitive Alerts. You’ll get exact instructions on what to do with your investments, whether it’s buy, sell or – best of all – take profits. The market moves fast, but with Urgent Alerts, you’ll stay ahead of the game, so you can take advantage of the situation.

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Log in to our members-only website any time – day or night. Here you’ll find a comprehensive overview of our model portfolios, all of our past and current recommendations, and a constantly expanding library of Special Reports on specific, time-sensitive opportunities.

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If you have any questions or problems with your subscription or accessing your member benefits, simply give them a call toll free at 866-223-4966, Monday-Friday, 9-5 Eastern Time or send them an email at customerservice@gilderreport.com

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