George Gilder, the World’s #1 Futurist Who Foresaw iPhone Technology 14 Years Earlier… and Identified Qualcomm and Amazon in the Early ’90s, Unveils His Next:


Through today’s chaotic market, these tiny, efficient and innovative companies are breaking out with government contracts and revenues that increase up to 52% year over year.

Fellow Reader,

I am George Gilder.

As an economist and futurist, I’ve authored 21 books.

My bestseller Wealth and Poverty was considered the bible for President Reagan’s ’80s economic boom.

The Business Journal admitted I was the president’s favorite author to quote.

Twice I was summoned to the White House and Microsoft’s office for my counsel on innovations that disrupted the market.

Bill Gates later said:

Eric Schmidt, the founder of Google, added:

And venture capitalist billionaire and founder of Netscape Marc Andreessen said:

I’m here today because I’ve discovered something quite stunning that will bring major changes to the market.

While many of today’s bloated and popular stocks like Facebook and Alphabet have seen their revenues decline quarter after quarter…

And laid off thousands of workers…

A few tiny and efficient companies are the key builders of America’s new economy, and they’re innovating at such a fast rate…

They’re igniting a massive $15 trillion economic force. “It’s the biggest commercial opportunity in today’s fast-changing economy.”

That’s according to the accounting geniuses at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The companies riding this force have secured massive government and corporate contracts… and with clients and customers in over 150 countries…

For example, one tiny company has Pentagon contracts worth $269 million. That’s nearly twice the value of this company’s market cap.

Its revenue growth jumped 65% in one quarter and beat analysts’ expectations for the last 13 quarters.

Another company’s technology is used by hundreds of customers in 150 countries.

Its revenue increased 52% year over year. It has $477 million in cash and no debt.

And there’s another company with huge hospital contracts in the U.S., Europe, South Korea and soon Dubai just because of its groundbreaking tech.

Several of these companies are players in this $15 trillion market force.

A force bigger than the entire electric vehicle market… green energy… smartphone… blockchain and crypto market… combined.

Just look at today’s electric car dashboard. This force will change the way we drive.

It’s disrupting our health industry for the better…

Disrupting high finance…


And even our national security…

It’s disrupting education…

Social media…

The customer service industry…


Now, while this $15 trillion force could push these tiny companies to potentially join the S&P 500 and become the next Fortune 500 companies…

That same $15 trillion market force could make several of today’s “safe” and “bloated” companies on the S&P obsolete.

Now, I know this sounds hard to believe…

But several industry sources who conducted deep corporate forensics are sounding the alarm bells.

Industry research firm McKinsey, which consults with top Wall Street companies and the U.S. government, confirms:

According to their research, it could happen within the next 48 months.

Another top research firm called Innosight, which consults with top Fortune 500 companies, issued a storm warning to CEOs:

Their projection was over a 10-year period.

Since then, 130 companies have dropped out of the S&P.

It’s expected that 120 companies are marked to get tossed out of the S&P over the next 48 months.

The Stock Market Shake-Up Reveals Losers…
and Tomorrow’s Winning Stocks

Now, don’t for a second think that 48 months is far out.

The breakdown in these huge stocks is already in effect — slowly — and you must avoid these stocks at all costs NOW.

Because this $15 trillion market force has triggered the biggest “cleansing” the S&P will ever see…

To make way for the tiny breakout companies pushing this game-changing force.

And no, I’m not talking about Silicon Valley “pre-revenue” start-ups…

But proven companies with breakthrough innovations… building America’s new economy railroad… behind the scenes.

Some of these stocks have gone up 6X in recent times.

Just recently, we took total gains of 624% on Impinj… a company whose tech is used by airports and retailers in 80 countries.

And InMode, whose tech is used to enhance medical operations, gave us total returns of 918%.

If you’re following today’s bloated tech stocks on the S&P or the Nasdaq…

I CANNOT guarantee you’ll see returns like that.

Your best chance is to focus on the tiny companies involved in this $15 trillion market force.

In a minute, I’ll tell you how to get the names of my top three stocks. Their revenues are increasing with huge government and corporate contracts.

They’re on the verge of becoming tomorrow’s household names…

And potentially becoming the next big gainers on the S&P 500.

Convergence Shifts That Create
Tomorrow’s 10X Winners

But first, let me tell you about this game-changing market force creating losers and winners in today’s stocks.

This force is called Convergence.

Convergence is when distinct technologies, industries or devices merge to create new booms out of old, tired economies.

A good example…

Remember the days when your cell phone, camera, music player, and digital organizer and radio were all separate devices?

Today all these technologies converge into a single device… the smartphone.

No need to own a separate camera or music player or calculator anymore.

And so Kodak, which pioneered analog camera films, became obsolete.

Huge popular cell phone companies like Nokia and Motorola went bust.

On the flip side, tiny iPhone chipmakers like Qualcomm made investors gains as high as 4,234%.

Back then, Apple was a different and smaller company whose stock surged 69,000% at its peak.

Every time technologies converge, huge companies that reach peak growth and fail to innovate… get destroyed…

While young companies with big innovations become the new competition… and create “new money.”

Right now, a $15 trillion convergence force—I’ll tell you about it in a minute—has engulfed the market and is pushing a few little-known companies as tomorrow’s winners.

How can I be so sure?

My Playbook Delivered Huge Profits
Over the Past 40 Years

As the world’s #1 tech futurist, I’ve followed every convergence trend in the past 40 years—longer than anyone I know of.

It all started back in 1985.

I walked into the Oval Office.

In my hand was a silicon microchip (an Intel microprocessor).

I handed it to President Reagan and made a prediction.

I said, “Mr. President, what I hold in my hand right now will change the world forever.”

A few ears later, in 1990, I made my forecast public in my groundbreaking book Life After Television.

You bet… that microchip converged with other technologies to jump-start the Internet and the digital economy.

Companies that couldn’t keep up became insignificant.

Like Bethlehem Steel.

It was once a bellwether of the U.S. industrial economy… sporting hefty stock prices and an elite place on the DOW.

But Bethlehem Steel had peaked and couldn’t survive in the Internet economy.

It was the stock to avoid.

By 2000, Bethlehem was dumped from the S&P and the DOW… and declared bankruptcy.

That year, the S&P added a tiny company called Qualcomm.


Qualcomm built the code-division multiple access mobile technology that converged with microchip processors to pioneer Wi-Fi and the smartphone boom.

I was the first to write about Qualcomm in the early 1990s and recommended it to my readers of Forbes at the time.

By January of 2000, Qualcomm jumped 40X. What’s that, you say? That was just the tech boom followed by a bust? OK, at its low after the crash, Qualcomm was still up 15X—in barely a decade. Today it is up 134X from the early 1990s price.

Those who followed my recommendation made 4,234%.

Another microchip player that joined the S&P 500 with Qualcomm was Applied Micro Circuits.

It gave us a huge 3,781% payday.

Others I recommended, like Texas Instruments, spiked 632%.

Broadcom was another 1,969% win.

Xiline gave us a 1,074% return.

One Man Turned $250,000 Into
$6 Million Following My Research

It was a watershed moment for a small group of people who followed my work, as you can see below.

By the time some stocks made it to the S&P… my readers were already sitting on millions.

It pays to be first.

Remember… convergence.

That’s how you catch the upside in any market at any given time.

And because my playbook for pinpoint tech convergences proved to be right so often…

I got profiled in… WiredPeople… Fox… The Wall Street JournalThe EconomistForbes… and The New York Times

Influential people started following my work.

Rush Limbaugh called me “a true American genius.”

Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch invited me to Hayman Island, Australia, to speak to Fox News executives to discuss the future of media.

And earlier, I mentioned I was summoned to Microsoft’s office by Bill Gates to discuss the future of innovation.

But that wasn’t the only time I met with major insiders.

Peter Thiel, one of tech’s most influential people, flew me to Florence, Italy, as the keynote speaker for his private technology conference.

Wired magazine even published how I was paid $100,000 for a speech.

And they were right.

The contacts I made with the top brass of tech and in investment circles are invaluable.

My friends include Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who used to run the Food and Drug Administration, and Ray Kurzweil, Google’s engineering director.

And when I wanted to stay on top of the $1.7 trillion telecom business…

I once flew to Shenzhen to meet with Ren Zhengfei, CEO of Huawei—the world’s biggest telecom equipment provider…

Plus, just this year, my team and I flew to a major industry conference in Israel where CEOs and insiders gathered.

We uncovered dozens of new companies at the center of major convergence shifts that put Silicon Valley in the dust.

I expect some of the companies to become the most successful companies in the world.

How I Uncovered Amazon Ahead of Wall Street
and Bagged 9X Returns

This is the intense on-the-ground research that keeps me on top of the tiny microcaps pushing today’s hot convergence trends.

It’s the exact playbook I used to pinpoint Amazon as early as 1994, before Wall Street had a clue.

You see, by the time the Internet was up and running, all kinds of convergence was happening.

Companies that couldn’t keep up dropped out of the S&P like dead pigeons.

Like once-iconic retail giant Sears.

Its headquarters in downtown Chicago were in the world’s tallest building for a quarter century.

After 75 years, Sears was out of both the S&P and the DOW. Why?

Convergence made Sears obsolete.

Amazon converged retail and the Internet to create an e-commerce economy.

It revolutionized the way the world shops.

Again, I recommended Amazon to readers of Forbes as early as April of 1998—at $15 a share.

When Forbes published the results of the trade, Amazon had gone up 986%.

You can see Forbes’ write-up below.

Had you bought and held Amazon to its recent peak, you’d have total gains of 43,000%.

Just follow the convergence trend, according to my playbook…

Year in, year out… in any decade…

And you’ll ignore 99% of the “tired” stocks on the S&P 500 that lose money in several quarters… as we are seeing today.

That’s how you cut out stress and worry in buying your next stock.

You’ll just focus on the breakout stocks whose technologies converge… increasing their revenue and market share under the radar…

That’s how I made another groundbreaking forecast in my 1990 book, Life After Television a few years later.

I foresaw the creation of a smartphone revolution… a full 14 years before a single iPhone hit the market.

Here’s what I wrote:

That’s convergence at its best.

We all know what happened over a decade later…

I hate to take credit for the iPhone, but Steve Jobs did read my book in 1994 and passed it around to his colleagues.

So it’s safe to say I at least planted the iPhone seed.

Within a few years after Apple launched the iPhone in 2007…

Telecom giants like AT&T… and Nokia, with a billion customers… faded into oblivion.

While anyone who picked up Apple could have seen peak gains of 69,000% over the last two decades…

Lo and behold, AT&T was dumped from the DOW in 2015 and replaced with… guess who?


Follow My Playbook… Pick Up Netflix… Then Turn $1,000 Into $317,000

Again, I went out on a limb and called the “death of cable” and predicted the rise of fiber-optic broadband and streaming television.

Netflix didn’t even exist then.

But I saw the Internet and television converging to disrupt huge companies on the S&P.

Like Blockbuster.

It was America’s $3 billion video rental company with 65 million customers and 9,000 stores.

But Blockbuster was dumped from the entire stock market and filed for bankruptcy in 2010.

In December of that year, Netflix joined the S&P 500.


Netflix converged TV and Internet streaming. That move eliminated the need for video rental stores.

Anyone who picked up Netflix before it made it to the S&P… could have seen a huge 32,321% payday if they held on for peak gains.

Turning a small $1,000 stake into a comfortable $323,000 nest egg.

Point is, every time technology converges…

Companies that cannot keep up become obsolete.

Some suffer a slow, painful death, like General Electric and Snap.

Others drop dead… like Global Brands.

But that’s just a scratch on the surface.

Silicon Valley’s Time Is Up!
Tomorrow’s Winners Are Here

I believe that several of today’s safe stocks are on their final voyage thanks to a near $15 trillion convergence trend set to hit the global economy.

John Chambers, chair of Cisco, recently admitted:

In a leaked recording obtained by CNBC, Jeff Bezos told his staff:

I predict that one day Amazon will fail. Amazon will go bankrupt. If you look at large companies, their life span tends to be 30-plus years.

Could that mean that Amazon, founded in 1994, may have a few years left before doom strikes?

As early as 2018, in my latest book, Life After Google, I made a stunning call and warned that Google is also doomed.

I said…

The rise of the blockchain, which is part of today’s convergence… along with other ad services, is already eating Google’s lunch.

Recently, Google posted four straight quarters of revenue decline.

I expect that trend to accelerate in the months ahead…

So please, avoid several of today’s “safe” and “bloated” stocks.

The $15 Trillion Convergence Shift and the Tiny Companies That Will Be Tomorrow’s Huge Gainers

Good news is…

A few tiny companies have jump-started this $15 trillion convergence economy that will soon become part of everyday life.

I’m talking about the convergence of artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics.

Exciting new platforms allow communication from device to device… in smart homes… industrial… automotive… and many more markets….

Look, by 2025, some 75 billion devices will be intelligently connected globally.

At a near $15 trillion market value, it’s the biggest convergence shift I’ve seen in the history of the stock market.

And just like history proved, some companies will survive. Some won’t.

But the tiny breakout companies leading these technologies are already making investors a fortune.

That’s why I want to give you the edge to get in before some of these stocks blip on Wall Street’s radar and get added to the S&P.

As promised, here are my top three stocks to get you started.

Convergence Play #1:
The Company That Will Power Web 3.0

This company converged artificial intelligence and digital twin technology to build a platform that will soon be part of everyday life—just like social media is.

That platform allows anyone with a smartphone to scan a realistic 3D and fully interactive digital twin of any space…

And share it with anyone, anywhere in the world, to give them a 360-degree walk-through of the space.

The company is monetizing this platform like it’s nobody’s business.

Engineers, architects and city planners use the platform to create a digital twin for any office building… commercial real estate… factories… schools… museums… you name it…

That helps plan layouts, traffic flows and ambience; take dimensions; and access physical layout and other works, decreasing site surveying cost.

In real estate, clients use it to give virtual home tours in 3D.

Vacation rentals like Airbnb, hotels, and retail shops like Guess use this technology to take customers inside their businesses virtually.

Everything for sale… boats, caravans, cars and paintings can be scanned to let a buyer, anywhere in the world, inspect them.

This is an all-out convergence play.

And the market is taking notice.

Amazon Web Services Marketplace formed a partnership with the tiny company.

The company’s customers include a quarter of Fortune 1000 companies, plus hundreds of companies in 150 countries.

And the company’s numbers look even more impressive.

In 2022, annual revenue jumped a record $136.1 million. Its total revenue was up 52% year over year.

What’s more impressive is that the company has a strong balance sheet, with $477 million in cash and investments and no debt.

I’ll show you how to get in on this stock at under $3.

Full details are in my free report, 10X Convergence: 3 Top Stocks That Could Recharge the S&P.

This report isn’t for sale anywhere.

But today, I’ll send you a copy absolutely free. You’ll get details shortly.

Next up is…

Convergence Play #2:
Tiny Defense Contractor Powering Web 3.0

This tiny company is the only U.S.-owned, advanced microchip company doing business today.

Its chips power the convergence exploding among artificial intelligence… quantum computing… electric vehicles… biotech… industrial IoT… aerospace and defense technology.

And here’s the kicker…

The company developed a superior microchip described as radiation-hardened.

It withstands high levels of radiation far beyond chips made by other companies.

No wonder the Pentagon tapped this company as its trusted source for U.S.-made chips that can reliably operate in space and in defense technology.

The company just signed landmark contracts with the Department of Defense (DoD) totaling $269 million.

That’s more than half the market cap of the tiny company.

The DoD took it one step further and made this company a “Department of Defense-accredited trusted supplier.” 

That could signal more deals down the pike.

Another thing that gives this company an edge is its leadership.

The CEO is a big fish in the semiconductor industry.

Before leading this company, he was the VP at another semiconductor firm that soared 6,160% over the last decade.

Plus, this guy isn’t just an executive. His name is on 48 patents. 

Flat out, he’s a genius. I like that he’s at the helm of this company. And his brilliance is reflected in the numbers.

In the last quarter of 2022, revenue was $65.1 million… a 65% jump that crushed expectations.

For 13 of the past 13 quarters, this company has beaten analyst expectations.

My suggestion is that you buy shares now before the stock takes off.

Full details, ticker symbol and more can be found in my groundbreaking report:10X Convergence: 3 Top Stocks That Could Recharge the S&P.

Now to our final top play…

Convergence Play #3:
The “Uber” of Cell and Gene Therapy (CTG). Taking the Cure to the Masses

A huge convergence in medicine and artificial intelligence is playing out in CTG

We all know CTG therapy is the cure for hundreds of diseases.

But for all the rage about gene therapy over the past 10 years…

There’s a MAJOR setback in taking that therapy to the masses.

To get treated, a patient would have to go to high-grade, clean rooms controlled by a few companies.

Plus, only a limited number of patients can be treated there.

And did you know the average therapy can set you back as much as $2 million a dose, according to the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review?

Well, history is about to be created.

This company is now taking CTG to the masses by converging machine learning, 3D bioprinting and medicine.

The company’s automated artificial intelligence network… its mobile processing labs bring together research institutes, patients and hospitals worldwide.

That’s how they help deliver these novel therapies on-site at any hospital at an affordable cost.

The company’s point-of-care centers are set up in the U.S., Europe, Israel and South Korea…

And will soon penetrate Dubai.

This is huge.

In the next few years, this company’s platform could become the standard for global CTG…

I believe—in the near term—we could conservatively see at least an 8X moonshot here.

Plus, you can still get in at under $3 a share.

And because you can get into each of the three stocks I’ve just talked about at such bargain prices, you don’t need to put a lot of money at risk here.

My Top Three Convergence Plays: Yours for Free!

To help you get started…

I’ve put together every detail about my top three convergence stocks in your report, 10X Convergence: 3 Top Stocks That Could Recharge the S&P.

It includes their names, ticker symbols—a breakdown of their breakthrough technologies, financials and buy-up-to prices, as well as important upcoming catalysts.

I’d like to send this groundbreaking report to you for free.

Why am I doing this?

I believe we’re at a critical point in the stock market.

And now’s the time to help you make sense of what’s really happening with stocks this year and beyond…

Despite how confusing stocks might be now, there are still opportunities because innovation never stops.

Look, artificial intelligence alone is projected to reach $15 trillion within the next seven years.

And that’s in essential industries like health care, automotive, financial and manufacturing.

For the companies involved… market caps and revenue are exploding.

Soon we could see these stocks joining the S&P.

You really cannot ignore these opportunities for too long.

If you sit on the sidelines, you could miss 99% of the gains.

And I’d like to harness my 40-plus years of experience as your guide and make sure your money and time are focused on the right stocks.

Again, these microcaps are NOT start-ups.

They’re publicly traded companies with proven market share and hundreds of clients, including the U.S. government.

These are the stocks I cover in my exclusive research service Gilder’s Moonshots.

And I’d like to send you my groundbreaking report 10X Convergence: 3 Top Stocks That Could Recharge the S&P free of charge when you take a risk-free trial subscription to Gilder’s Moonshots.

Gilder’s Moonshots is unlike any research service you might come across.

And I’ll tell you why.

You’re likely familiar with my flagship research service, The Gilder Technology Report.

It’s quickly attracted a readership of nearly 40,000 subscribers.

To my knowledge, it’s one of the most widely followed research services of its kind.

But this massive following also put me in a bind.

In fact, you might not realize it… but it probably affects you as well.

I simply cannot share the smallest, most explosive stocks with such a large number of people.

It would drive share prices through the roof… before most people had a chance to profit from these opportunities.

It’s why I launched Gilder’s Moonshots. It’s an exclusive research service with carefully limited circulation.

With one simple mission:

To show you how to profit from small caps and microcaps with proven business deals that are on the cutting edge of convergence shifts in the economy.

And so far, the gains are stacking up nicely.

My Playbook for Finding the Moonshots in Any Market

Even during market turmoil, these companies proved to be moonshots.

That’s because we’re not just throwing darts at stocks, hoping to get lucky.

Each stock is evaluated and selected through months of on-the-ground research that can be summed up in three main steps.

First, I identify new “convergence points” caused by emerging technologies.

Then I tap into my huge network around the globe to locate specific companies involved.

That helps validate the new tech’s potential… and helps to get insider knowledge of how much money is at stake.

In step three… to verify a company’s growth trajectory…

I leverage my team’s expertise to pinpoint companies with the strongest business models and growth potential.

Your Personal Hedge Fund Building Your Wealth

And when I say “team,” I am not talking about a bunch of college graduates who sit at a desk crunching numbers.

To help me run Gilder’s Moonshots, I’ve brought out the top guns who consult CEOs and engineers.

One of my top analysts is Steve Waite, who has over 30 years of Wall Street experience.

He held top positions at Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch in New York and London.

And he served as chief strategist for SoundView Technology Group, which advised CEOs of early-stage tech companies, both privately and publicly traded.

Steve has had skin in the game too.

He cofounded an investment firm that managed $7.5 billion by the time he retired from Wall Street.

Look, you don’t build a $7 billion fund if you don’t know what you’re doing.

That’s why Steve does almost all valuations on our Moonshot companies and helps manage our portfolio.

Next, please meet my other star analyst, John Schroeter.

Over the past 30 years, John’s been an engineer, executive, consultant and entrepreneur.

He’s the director at Abundant World Institute, the world’s biggest society of technologists, futurists and entrepreneurs.

Moonshots book

And he consults CEOs on advanced semiconductor, high-performance computing fields and machine learning.

John actually coauthored the multi-award-winning book Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance. Billionaire Richard Branson wrote the foreword.

This book serves as the strategic pillar on which Gilder’s Moonshots was built.

Among John, Steve and me… we have a combined 100 years of experience—and we’re putting it all to work for you.

It’s like having your own personal hedge fund… with top financial experts working to build your net worth.

Here’s why this is important.

The three convergence stocks you’ll get today are just the beginning of what’s to come.

The $15 trillion convergence market will be more than half of the U.S. economy.

So we’re looking at dozens of small caps and microcaps like that every month.

You could profit from these lucrative convergence stocks—on a month-to-month basis.

That’s why you’ll also have access to a novel stock system that I’ve seen nowhere else in the financial publishing industry.

New Portfolio System Designed to Minimize Risk and Maximize Your Returns

Our six-part proprietary classification system helps you make better decisions about your total portfolio allocations. 

You’ll know exactly what percentage of your portfolio to invest in, according to the stage of the company’s growth trajectory.

Every company in the Moonshots portfolio falls into one of these classifications:

Each classification comes with a capital allocation ranging from 1% to 5%.

As a member of Gilder’s Moonshots, you’ll know what stage a company is in… its growth trajectory and how to best allocate your capital.

You’ll get full details on our proprietary classification system in a new free report: How to Minimize Risk and Maximize Returns with Moonshot Stocks.

Now, Gilder’s Moonshots is a high-end, fast-paced service, and we will be with you every week, guiding your portfolio with a combined 100 years of experience.

As part of your membership, you’ll also get:

That’s on top of your free research reports:10X Convergence: 3 Top Stocks That Could Recharge the S&P and How to Minimize Risk and Maximize Returns with Moonshot Stocks.

I can tell off the bat that’s a lot of benefits for the price we’re charging for one year of Gilder’s Moonshots.

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Your Free Moonshots Master Class Book
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Moonshots book

Earlier I told you that my star analyst, John Schroeter, had co-written the book Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance with a foreword by billionaire Richard Branson.

This book gives you a full Master Class on how industries and groundbreaking companies are formed.

It also breaks down the huge evolution in the S&P 500. Why some companies fail and why some win.

Just one good read, and you’ll know how to pinpoint potential moonshot stocks.

Some of the world’s most influential people have raved about this book.

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So how much does it cost to become a member of Gilder’s Moonshots today?

Keep in mind that Gilder’s Moonshots is an exclusive “hedge fund-type” research service focused on microcaps with disruptive converging technology.

Some Wall Street boutique firms charge as much as $50,000 a year for their research.

And hedge fund managers typically charge a 2% annual management fee—AND 20% of the profits…

For each client they have.

And that’s what we should probably charge for Gilder’s Moonshots, given the gains we’ve seen and the caliber of analysts helping me run it.

But Gilder’s Moonshots won’t cost $50,000. Or even $10,000.

One year of Moonshots retails at $3,990.

And I know it’s worth every penny and more.

It’s not unusual for the stocks we’re following to jump five or 10 times.

Synaptics went up 238%… Impinj gave a total 624% return… InMode showed us a total 918% return.

Just $3,000 in each of these stocks, and you’d be sitting on $44,400 in profit alone.

Enough to pay for your subscription and still walk away with $40,410.

Plus, you have seen how much money some of my followers have made in the past.

This is HUGE!

But I know it’s tough for many Americans these days.

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I want to encourage you to take action today

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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To recap:

You’ll get your free copy of John Schroeter’s book Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance. (I’ll even take care of shipping and handling.)

You’ll also have immediate access to your free research reports…

Special Reports

You’ll get full details on three tiny companies at the center of a nearly $15 trillion convergence shift erupting in artificial intelligence, biotech, electric vehicles, defense and aerospace, digital twin and much more…

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When you join Gilder’s Moonshots, you’ll get the chance to jump on these opportunities before the big institutions and mom-and-pop investors get in.

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See you on the inside, and thanks for your time.

George Gilder
George Gilder
Investment Director, Gilder’s Moonshots