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Shalom!!! Israel Offers Tantalizing Technology

I’m back from an astonishing trip to Israel with a new relationship featuring OurCrowd, the pullulating Israeli face of demotic venture capital for the masses.

OurCrowd is the world’s pioneering pied PIPE investment vehicle with some 460 mostly amazing companies, including many still private. Savvy Jonathan Medved, my old pal who has risen as a world-beating venture capital (VC) star, seriously stands out among his Silicon Valley rivals.

Israel is “Startup Nation” and, thanks to Jonathan, now wide-open for ordinary investors like our readers. No joke, this guy is unveiling flying cars for Peter Thiel and James Bondian nano-cars mounting “pico” bullet machine guns to blast cancer cells. Other technologies will synthesize new materials for the millennium, optimize artificial intelligence (AI), enable super-power networks and achieve life-extending enrichment for the rest of us.

Medved told us and other attendees of his recent Summit about these innovations while gyrating a Terpsichorian portfolio of rousing new dance moves on stage. He led his sold-out conference of some 6,000 attendees on a journey to the new land of milk and honey — aiming to offer modern miracle technologies.

As if the OurCrowd Summit had not been enough to bring forth rousing choruses of Dayenu, venturing deeper into the Promised Land I observed it rapidly becoming a center of my new Age of Carbon paradigm. An array of providential companies spawned from Jim Tour’s nanocosmic lab at Rice University in Houston are taking root in the precincts of Tel Aviv, aided by the foresight of Israeli VC leader Ariel Malik.

Thank you again to the incandescent Peter Thiel for introducing me to Tour. This is Zero to Singularity to Galactic revelation.

This is a totally serious twice in a lifetime Moonshot transmutational opportunity It is a chance to get in on the ground floor — or even the turbostratic desert floor — for the emergence of a new Silicon Valley, fueled by graphene superconductors, nanotubes and information theory thaumatics. Those technologies leave the boring balderdash of the climate cranks and weather bores eating dust and sand on the wrong side of the Jordan River.

Seriously, in few days in Israel, I discovered as many potentially world-transforming companies as I have seen in decades. I can’t remember being more excited about the cornucopian prospects ahead for our health, wealth and happiness.

In the coming months, I will be delineating the new paradigms and prospects for abundance for subscribers of the Gilder Technology Report, but there is one complication in the plan. Though I expect some of the companies I toured to become among the largest and most profitable in the world, today most of them are micro-caps valued at a few hundred million dollars or less, or not yet public and open only through venture vehicles.

That’s why we cover microcaps only in George Gilder’s Moonshots, with its carefully limited circulation. But that’s actually good news if it gets you to subscribe. In this dreadful market, Moonshots has been more than a ray of light, yielding an incandescence of total returns compensating many times over for the losses investors sustained in the S&P or even the NASDAQ. How’s this for nice: from July 2019 to February 2023, counting only closed positions, our Moonshots portfolio companies were up an average of some 84%, double the gains of the NASDAQ during that time. Gilder’s Moonshots will be the only place to find these tiny, Israel-based, world-changing companies.

Yes, yes, past returns are no guarantee of future blah, blah, blah but…you really should be subscribing to Moonshots, which you can do an introductory price by clicking here.

And here is something to keep in mind, though it’s not official yet, it looks like I will be leading a special delegation of Private Reserve subscribers to next year’s OurCrowd summit. While we are there, among other special treats, I envision be an exclusive tour of the Israeli companies I think you most need to know about.

Really, really, really don’t miss this journey we’re going to be on for the next few years. We’re going to sup in the land of milk and honey and you want to be there for the feast.

As ever,

George Gilder

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