Expertise about technology, markets, economics and politics

Expertise about technology, markets, economics and politics

Siccing Instant Karma on the G-Men

How terrible to live in a weak country. Fear always. Bad deals with bad neighbors. Invasion. Chaos. Flight. Poverty. Disease. All because a weak country cannot choose its wars. Throughout U.S. history, we have chosen every one of our wars. Yes, Pearl Harbor was a sneak attack, but for us the Great War had already […]

Terminating the Black Republican Taboo

Generally, politics as a horse race bores us, though we are bored by neither horses nor races. Yet Sen. Tim Scott’s entry to the presidential race is interesting, mostly for what everyone knows but so far no one is saying out loud. Republicans should support Tim Scott for President because he is black. If Sen. […]

To China with Love

Because we are routinely accused of being “pro-China” or even CCP-symps, it seems useful to clarify our position and above all the premise from which it emerges. To do that, let’s start with the opposing thesis of the China Hawks: China is still a Communist country and thereby just as much an enemy of the […]


George Gilder is the most knowledgeable man in America when it comes to the future of technology and its impact on our lives. For three decades, his monthly service, Gilder’s Technology Report, has helped individual investors make money from the newest and most important technological trends and companies in the world. Each month, George details the evolving paradigms in technology and provides a roadmap to the best investments availableClick here to learn more.


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Gilder’s Moonshots advisory service is your behind-the-scenes look at the companies getting ready to change the world. In this weekly publication, George focuses on micro-cap, small-cap, and even Reg A (PRE-IPO) opportunities in the world of technology. As the world’s leading technology futurist, George has the unmatched ability to identify which new innovations are about to change our lives. If you’ve ever wanted to get in early on the next idea or innovation to change our lives, then, Gilder’s Moonshots is your best bet. Click here to learn more.


Gilder’s Private Reserve is the service devoted to ferreting out the best brand new technology ideas or innovations. As a member, you’ll get at least four recommendations a year from George on the private placement or Reg D opportunities in the technology sector.  With four decades of experience, no one can match George Gilder’s ability to pick winning tech stocks. And, in Gilder’s Private Reserve, he shares the best, brand new tech opportunities , each with the potential to change your life almost overnight. Click here to learn more.


To become a member of Millionaire Circle, call our Director of Investor Relations, Grant Linhares, at 1-866-223-4966 for more information.

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