Expertise about technology, markets, economics and politics

Expertise about technology, markets, economics and politics

Guess We Can Stop Worrying About China Swallowing the World

The China Hawks are about to get their wish. They are going to see what the world looks like with China poor, backwards and communist. The Chinese economy is at even greater risk than the headlines suggest. Western analysts are missing the gravity of the collapse because, just as in their analysis of the U.S. […]

ARK Investment’s Cathie Wood Agrees to Speak at COSM!

Last week, we introduced you to the tirelessly savvy Peter Zeihan’s prophesies of five key technologies that will transform our economy over the next decade. The technologies feature: artificial intelligence, satellites, bio-genetic tailored drugs, shale industry biproducts, and GMO seed based on AI agricultural advances that will radically improve what he calls the “fruit-to-stalk” ratio […]

Think and Grow Rich

Why do small-cap stocks, on average and over time, produce larger returns than large-cap stocks? Wall Street has a standard answer. Small cap stocks, like rowboats on the Atlantic, are more risky than the big ocean liners of the S&P 500. They get tossed around in storms. One leak can send them to the bottom. […]

Eagle Financial Cruise


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